Synthetic organic chemistry is the art of making chemical compounds from smaller entities. Alongside the research carried out in the Passarella’s group, our focus is on the development of new synthetic methodologies for application in natural product synthesis.

We have two main research directions:

1. Novel Methodologies and Catalysis

We are developing new strategies for the selective functionalisation of pyridines and other N-heterocycles. This research area will be applied to the sustainable and efficient Late Stage Functionalisation of pyridine motifs contained in active pharmaceutical ingredients. In addition to the synthesis in the laboratory, this research area will also be supported by computational studies.

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2. Natural Product Synthesis

Alternative routes to the synthesis of natural products can grant access to novel chemical entities with higher molecular complexity, diversity, and efficiency. Our group is interested in the synthesis of a broad range of complex natural products, including cannabinoids and N-heterocyclic biomolecules.

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